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Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
and for monday. 203,000 jobs being added to the economy. exciting to see. great news. >> 7% unemployment. >> yes, americans back to work. forcee labor participation went up meaning more people are being counted. that's been a big concern, that just falling off. >> all reason to cheer. and market likes it. >> market loves it. they mightd think get nervous because it might mean tapered sooner rather than december.n as soon as >> right. >> nonetheless, higher. >> good news is good news. let's go to the big picture. will show you the three charts you've got to see. the dow industrial up 183 points. up 1.2%. we were up about 193 points a few minutes ago. slightly off the highs but still vague very good day. thewe're making up for ground we lost in the preceding five days. will this is curious. spike up early this morning up to 2.93 and back we you're wondering whether the taper is priced in. >> could be. >> yup. at about -- >> good is good. >> means good is good. i like it. story., by the way, same it's call it flat. it's only up 29 cents. oil is up 6% in one week. begin to think maybe this t
Dec 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
. versus the s&p 500, 27%. cake, and to have my eat it, too. not bad. our closer says the economy has 20 of momentum. is loftygh there expectations for tomorrow's jobs report, she believes the expectations will be met. she is a bloomberg best for her stellar forecasting ability and .our -- and a senior economist welcome back. last jobs report of the year tomorrow. lookdo you think it will like? >> all of the other labor market data that has been coming in has been coming in very healthy. expectations are also very lofty for tomorrow's report. the supporting data says we will get a nice, big support. at 190 five, slightly above consensus. in, coalescing around the 200,000 level. if it comes in around that mark, markets are expecting that kind of number. you set yourself up for a big knee-jerk reaction if we do not meet that number. that said, we are trading down because there is good economic data, and everyone says we will pave her sooner than perhaps the market was like. so if we get the week report bar roque, it might not necessarily be the worst thing for the markets. quac >> weak or
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm EST
in terms of the overall economy. based, have -- addressed the issue of a political system separate and a monetary system. have not gone anywhere. >> and where you still have separate notional regimes. for how to resolve national banks, and the obligations behind the backstop in of. there is still not a quarter dated. -- >> the central bank saying -- >> we do not have any implication he is willing to go to -- go the qa -- qe round. i think we have to see what the u.s. is looking like. look at the jobs report friday, not bad. ultimately of that -- the labor participation force went up here to we have got six straight months of manufacturing growth now. question if you look at the demographics of that employment, we have 27% of males and females between 25 load -- living with their parents. not good. we need to see that and we need to see the unemployment pickup the force -- before we see. -- >> it is a compare and contrast with europe. >> it sounds like he was support the call on supporting the euro against the dollar. your call would it be -- would be to sell to european banks. >> a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3